Animated Video Creation

Message videos (aka Explainer videos) are being added to websites because 76% of marketer’s plan want to help people become more familiar with their brand and an instruct potential customers on which product could best fit their needs and why.

At Agency Jet, we know that you don’t want to create a message just so you have something to add to your website.  A marketing video should have a clear purpose and outcome to help others learn about what your business is all about.  Otherwise, you are wasting valuable real estate on your website. Many companies will make 2 or more message based videos out of 1 main company video. They can be used for Social Media, A looped message at a Trade Show, Sales Presentations, Website, and obviously, all digital marketing.

Telling a Story

What is fantastic about whiteboard animation is how easy it is to tell your story.

  • Some businesses will do a background information about how the company was started and how they can help their customers. This information never changes.
  • Others will focus purely on a product message video, making it easier to convert leads to sales. Either way, an animated sales video allows you to show customers why your products fit with their needs.
  • Whiteboards are not limited to video or photography options, making it easier for you to create a unique and engaging video.

What you want the viewer to feel

Whiteboard videos are extremely important for your customers.

  1. They can clearly understand the information you are telling, and there is a call to action at the end of the video.
  2. This makes it much easier for them to act versus wavering on the sale for a while.
  3. Animated marketing videos do not come across as an advertisement. They are entertaining to watch, and easy for customers to share on social media sites.
Effective Web Development Solutions

At Agency Jet, we know you want to keep your customers interested and engaged. You will want to create multiple videos of popular products, services, or the history of your company. Certain products and service may require more details than others. That is where whiteboards can easily excel and distribute your message. Today, we know customers have a short attention span. All videos should be between 1-5 minutes that not only offer the additional information, but it will entertain them as well.

Here are a few examples

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