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Digital Marketing Consulting 

Agency Jet will provide a dedicated strategy to increase all your marketing channels, through Education, Transparency, and Results. We deliver measurable returns on your investment of money, time, and labor spent on your current digital marketing.

Experienced, Enthusiastic Marketing Consultants in Minneapolis

Making sure that your online presence is as fresh and engaging as possible is pivotal to achieving your desired outcomes. That's why a growing number of organizations are turning to our team to deliver the sophisticated website, strong social media representation and efficient, effective e-commerce they need. Our skilled team is passionate about making a difference and we focus on the client first, employee second and investor third.

Flexible Range of Services that Can Be Tailored to Fit

We understand that every organization has a slightly different world view and wants to achieve their goals in a unique way. With our breadth of provision, we are able to select from a wide range of different options, blending our services to provide an individual answer for every client we work with. If you want a tailored package of assistance that's specific to your company, it's time to get in touch and receive a FREE website assessment by our experts.

Marketing Based on Analysis

Without good-quality baseline data, it's hard to know how good your ROI is when it comes to your marketing efforts. Our work always starts by offering our customers a FREE website assessment and consultation. As part of this exercise, we gather a number of baseline statistics, which can then be used as progress indicators throughout your campaign with us.

Marketing Consultants in Minneapolis that Get the Job Done

When you work with us, you're working with a responsive, customer-centered organization that's dedicated to giving you the outcomes you deserve. We offer creative design, meticulous attention to detail, talent, honesty and a commitment to regular, meaningful communication with every client. To book your FREE consultation and assessment, or find out more about our services, call us at (612) 888-2538.

1. Digital Marketing Consulting at No Charge, starts at Agency Jet, with a simple 12 to 16 page website assessment.  Your current companies digital footprint focused on your website and they way your perceived on line.


Your website assessment can help provide your in-house team with the knowledge to assist you achieve your digital marketing goals. A consultant at Agency Jet works with the consulting team to create your report at NO FEE.  It's our way of offering good information to show the value to your team to move forward with our team.

2. Digital Marketing Consulting for $249.00 with consulting advice from one of Agency Jets consultants.


The consultant will use the Website Assessment that is  12 to 16 pages in length plus an additional custom website audit of your current companies footprint focused on your website and how you will be able to improve website traffic, offer suggestions, identify key points of strength and weakness, compare your current value of your website vs your competition.  Agency Jet will talk to your team for up to two hours plus offer a video of the entire presentation.  Many companies use these assessment meetings as goals for the coming year. 

3. Digital Marketing Consulting for our clients is included with any active SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or SMO (Social Media Optimization) at no charge for all mid level campaigns.  


You will receive monthly plus weekly reports from our team, and be offered a 1 hour meeting with your dedicated consultant or project managers to go over the current status of your current marketing plans results.  Our team has a 96.3% retention of clients after the first 6 months do to the communication and results of all campaigns.

4. Digital Marketing Consulting campaigns for our advanced plans includes an onsite meeting after 6 months. No matter where you are at in the US or Canada we take pride in getting to know our clients.  One of our key consultants or the co founders will fly out to meet your team.  

When you invest in Agency Jet, we owe it to you to understand your business. We are more than a digital marketing agency; we are partners in your success.  We are always aware that what matters to our clients is getting the results they need as economically as possible. When you use us as your digital marketing consultants, you will be working with an established agency that’s constantly updating what they do in order to stay relevant.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

Digital consulting firms are here to add value to your marketing and help your business thrive in the digital marketplace. Our team is committed to doing all of the research needed to clearly establish where your organization sits in the market and what is needed to enhance its share of the target audience. Before starting any marketing work, by utilizing our digital consulting services we gather a comprehensive assessment of your current marketing strategies, working with you to identify what is working well and where areas of improvement need to be made. We take the time to get to know your organization and its people, ensuring we obtain an accurate understanding of where you want to go and what is needed to get your there.

As a digital advertising consultant that is determined to always offer exceptional value, we know that it is important to understand your target audience: what they value, what draws them to your brand and what is needed to further enhance their engagement. We use a variety of widely recognized methods to illicit this information, giving us the data needed to come up with a marketing strategy that works! From past experience, we know that it’s vital that your marketing accurately reflects what your customers want. We work hard to ensure we can anticipate the preferences of your user base, potentially enabling us to create marketing that provides the quantifiable results you crave.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

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